Due to its stable economic environment and European Union member status, Cyprus is a very popular destination for seeking citizenship in. Cyprus is strategically placed to facilitate strong business and trading relations between EU member states and also other countries. The cost of living in Cyprus is relatively low compared to other EU member states while the country offers high standards of living, excellent healthcare and education for all residents and low taxation. The programme requires the amount of €2mln to be invested in Cyprus for 3 years.

Main Benefits of Obtaining Citizenship in Cyprus:

  • Cyprus passport is a full EU passport. Investor and his family can freely reside, work, study, have business in any of the EU-member states as well as in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland
  • Visa-free travel to 159 countries and territories
  • Dual-citizenship is permitted. Acquisition of Cyprus citizenship is not reported to other countries
  • The passport is also issued for the investor’s spouse and all financially dependent children (up to 28 years old). All next generations of investor retain EU citizenship
  • The investor’s parents are entitled to apply for citizenship provided that they are owners of a Cyprus permanent residence of at least €500.000
  • No requirement to reside in Cyprus
  • Fast and simple procedure (3 months). The Investment Citizenship Program is based on a fast-track procedure with reduced time and bureaucracy

The Cyprus citizenship programme has already attracted a few billion euro of direct investments in Cyprus.